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Deploy faster and avoid breaking changes with design first API contract testing.

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Design first API contract testing

Improve time to market and the quality of your software with design-first API contract testing using PactFlow in the SwaggerHub editor. Give API developers and designers immediate feedback on proposed changes to their APIs removing the risk of issues in production.

Benefits of design-first API contract testing:

  • Visibility of how APIs are being used by consumers
  • Decouple teams to safely accelerate release cycles
  • Rapidly increase the coverage of tests across the system
  • Prevent easily avoidable breaking changes
  • Reduce the need for API versioning
  • Be confident to deploy

Why contract testing with PactFlow?

Contract testing answers the question “Will my API behave the way that we agree it should?” It calms the chaos caused by complex, scaling microservices architectures. Here’s why companies like M1 Finance, Cera Care, Forto and Wesfarmers love contract testing:

  • Fast and reliable feedback on the developer’s machine
  • Test a single integration at a time
  • No need to create and manage dedicated test environments
  • A process that scales linearly as the business and the microservices grow
  • Allows teams to deploy their services independently

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Additional reading

Put simply, an API design-first approach is all about speaking the same language. The highly popularized approach advocates for upfront design of API specifications, before writing any code, and recording this in a way that both humans and computers can understand.

Some may argue that this approach is slower; however, if we consider more than just the API design aspect of the software development lifecycle (SDLC), we will see that getting API design aligned upfront can be highly beneficial for the speed of delivery overall. Read the blog.