10 Resources for Getting Started with OpenAPI 3.0 in 2018

  December 20, 2017

2017 marked the official release of the latest version of the OpenAPI Specification, OpenAPI 3.0.

This was the first major release since the specification was donated to the OpenAPI Initiative in 2015. The release marks an important milestone in the evolution of API description formats, and their role in helping teams develop great APIs.

Since the release of OpenAPI 3.0, the Swagger team has been working on rolling out new resources to help teams get started with the latest version of OpenAPI. We released initial support for OAS 3.0 in two of the major open source Swagger projects — Swagger-UI and Swagger-Editor, and also released support for designing, documenting, and converting APIs to OpenAPI 3.0 in SwaggerHub.

In 2018, we expect to see even more tools throughout the API space adding support for OAS 3.0. Since the official release, we’ve had the chance to travel to industry events like APIStrat 2017 and AWS re:Invent, where we heard from hundreds of API practitioners wanting to use OAS 3.0 beyond just designing and documenting their APIs, but also testing and deploying to API gateways.

To help your team make the switch to OpenAPI 3.0, we wanted to share some of the training and documentation we’ve put together to help teams adopt OpenAPI 3.0.

Announcing the Official Release of OpenAPI 3.0

Learn what’s new in OpenAPI 3.0, and see what the latest release means for the Swagger tools that support it.

Learn more

Product Update: Design and Document APIs with OpenAPI 3.0

SwaggerHub is one of the first API design and documentation platforms to offer support for OpenAPI 3.0. You can also convert existing 2.0 specs to the latest version of OpenAPI. Learn how to get started with OpenAPI 3.0 in SwaggerHub.

Learn more about OAS 3.0 support in SwaggerHub.

Tutorial: Learning the New OpenAPI Specification

You can find documentation for OpenAPI 3.0 and Swagger 2.0 Specification on Swagger.io. The updated documentation, includes a detailed look at the updated structure and new features in the 3.0 specification.

Learn the new specification.

OpenAPI 3.0, And What It Means for the Future of Swagger [Recorded Webinar]

In this training, we take a look at the newest improvements to OpenAPI 3.0. Ron Ratovsky, Swagger Developer Evangelist and member of the OAI TSC, covers major updates like: improvement reusability, parameter changes, content negotiation support, support for describing callbacks, links, improved examples, and enhanced security definitions.

Learn more more about the newest features in OAS 3.0.

OpenAPI 3.0: How to Design and Document APIs with the Latest OpenAPI Specification [Recorded Webinar]

This training provides a live demonstration of defining a new API using OpenAPI 3.0 in SwaggerHub. See the new structure of OpenAPI in action, and see a live demo of how you can use the SwaggerHub editor to define and visualize your APIs documentation using OpenAPI 3.0.

Learn more about designing and documenting APIs with OAS 3.0.

What Is the Difference Between Swagger and OpenAPI?

OpenAPI is the official name of the specification. The development of the specification is fostered by the OpenAPI Initiative, which involves more the 30 organizations from different areas of the tech world — including Microsoft, Google, IBM, and CapitalOne. Smartbear Software, which is the company that leads the development of the Swagger tools, is also a member of the OpenAPI Initiative, helping lead the evolution of the specification.

Learn more about the difference between OpenAPI and Swagger.

The State of The OpenAPI Specification: A Conversation with Darrel Miller, OAI TSC

Keshav Vasudevan, product marketing manager for Swagger/SwaggerHub at SmartBear, sat down with Darrel Miller, Technical Steering Committee (TSC) of the OAI, at APIStrat 2017 to discuss the latest in OpenAPI, and the current state of the project.

Read the full conversation.

Additional Resources

Since the release of OpenAPI 3.0, there have been a number of valuable resources put out from around the API space to help teams learn and adopt the new OpenAPI 3.0 Specification. Here are some of our favorites from other API organizations and practitioners:

Ready to get started with OpenAPI 3.0? Learn more about OAS 3.0 support in SwaggerHub.