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Swagger was created by the team behind the original “Swagger Specification”, which has since been renamed to the OpenAPI Specification. Today, Swagger has evolved into one of the most widely used open source tool sets for developing APIs with the OpenAPI Specification.



Swagger Editor

Design APIs in a powerful editor which visually renders your OpenAPI definition and provides real-time error feedback.

Swagger Codegen

Build and enable consumption of your API  by generating server stubs and client SDKs with minimal plumbing.

Swagger UI

Automatically generate documentation from your OpenAPI definition for visual interaction, and easier consumption.

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The Swagger team drives a set of core tooling, all open-source and licensed under the Apache License. You can freely use these tools and contribute enhancements directly in the GitHub issues for each project.


Java-related libraries for creating, consuming, and working with OAS definitions

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Standalone library for parsing Swagger definitions from Java

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Mock responses for any unimplemented methods, based on your OAS definition.

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Validate your OpenAPI Specification YAML/JSON file

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Javascript library for connecting to OAS-defined APIs from browser and node.js applications

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Design-driven server implementation for node.js

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