Introducing the IBM API Connect Integration to Directly Deploy APIs from SwaggerHub

  March 20, 2017

APIs are the glue that hold the hyper-connected digital economy together. In such a landscape, it’s important to be able to securely manage and monitor these APIs to ensure stability and performance. This is where API management solutions come into the picture. Recognizing the need for developers to easily deploy their API definitions and documentations to to API management solution, SwaggerHub has developed a direct integration with API Connect on IBM Bluemix. IBM API Connect is an API operational platform that allows developers to create, run, manage and secure APIs in the IBM Bluemix cloud. The latest SwaggerHub integration gives architects and engineers the ability to use SwaggerHub’s powerful feature set to easily design and document APIs, while keeping this definition up-to-date and in sync with their API Connect instance.

Why Use The Integration?

SwaggerHub is engineered to provide the best feature set to collaboratively design and document APIs. With this new integration to the IBM Bluemix cloud, developers can better control and orchestrate their entire API lifecycle from SwaggerHub. Having one source of truth for your API’s design, that can then be synced across all your lifecycle tools, can help teams easily maintain and control changes, giving your API a first class treatment.   It’s important to remember that your API Program can only be successful if every phase of your API lifecycle is fully catered to. This includes the design, documentation, deployment and management phases. An API management solution is built specifically for the last two phases. An advantage of using an API Management platform is the abstraction of many complicated systems, so you can focus on your API’s growth and stability. These platforms also have good partner programs to better kick start your API’s marketing program and work towards its adoption. IBM API Connect is a modern API management solution for creating, running, managing and securing APIs for external and internal consumers to accelerate an organization’s API Program. The new API Connect integration is one among a series of others to expand on your API’s functionality in SwaggerHub. Learn more about our other integrations.

How it Works

The integration can be easily applied to any API version in SwaggerHub. The integration can be configured to point to a specific instance on your API Connect service instance on the IBM Bluemix cloud with a few clicks, with no external configuration or tooling required. You can learn more about using this integration from our help documentation. You can also watch the video below to see the integration in action. The IBM API Connect integration is only configured to work in one direction – from SwaggerHub to IBM API Connect. Any changes made to the API definition in IBM API Connect will not be reflected in SwaggerHub and will be overwritten. If you have suggestions for any other integration or feature, please let us know here.   Log in now to try the IBM API Connect integration!