SwaggerHub Domains, now with a User-Interface
API Development | Posted March 16, 2016

Domains, the latest feature from SwaggerHub that stores all your reusable components, now has an intuitive User Interface! The UI helps all the API stakeholders better visualize the components of the Domain, while allowing for quick readability and detection of errors. A Domain in itself is a powerful tool to greatly improve the API design process, and with the addition of the Domain UI, API development is a breeze on SwaggerHub. The components that can be stored inside a Domain are:

  • Definitions: These are models which describe your APIs inputs and outputs
  • Path Items: A set of predefined operations that can be reused across paths
  • Parameters: Any input into an API
  • Responses: The output from making an API call

All the above components are visually rendered to the right in the Domain UI, shown in the image below. Domains UI Here’s a sample Domain to help you get started. Please read the feature documentation to better understand Domains. Domains make the life of an API designer easy. Try them at SwaggerHub, and if you have any more questions, feel free to browse our FAQ section.