Introducing the New SwaggerHub Interface: A Better Way to Discover and Maintain Your APIs

  April 10, 2017

At SwaggerHub, we value feedback. Be it from existing users, partners, or peers in the API space, we’re constantly looking to provide the best experience for API practitioners and consumers. Last month, we rolled out a new Editor to enhance your API design and documentation needs. We wanted to take this a step further, and re-envision SwaggerHub to not just help you design and develop awesome APIs, but also manage and maintain them better. And that’s why we re-engineered our user interface! We’re pleased to announce that with the new SwaggerHub interface, it’s now easier to navigate and work across all your APIs and Domains, be it the ones you own, or those you collaborate on.

What's New in the SwaggerHub interface?

The new SwaggerHub interface was designed to improve the overall experience of using the product. Here are some noticeable improvements you’ll see.

Easier to Navigate

Apart from a new color scheme which is easier on the eyes, we have a new navigation bar on the left. This bar provides instant access to APIs and Domains. From here, you can access APIs and Domains owned by you, your organization, or the general public. Screenshots You can also create or import a new API or Domain from here. To start a new API project, simply click the plus icon, from where you can create a new API design from scratch, or import and document an existing API. new-api

Easier to Find

Along with fluid navigation, it’s also quicker to find and access the right APIs. You can filter through APIs and Domains based on your requirements, like when they’ve been updated, your API’s visibility, publish state and owner. search-nav The new interface also allows you to preview each of these APIs beforehand, so you know exactly what it’s supposed to do. All of these changes allow you to efficiently filter through the APIs you need to design, document, develop or consume. preview

Easier to Manage Teams

You can now better manage your organizations and teams within SwaggerHub. We have introduced a separate tab in the left navigation bar that’s dedicated to all your organizations and teams. This allows you to efficiently create and manage organizations, as well as access their APIs.   org We’re very excited to be launching SwaggerHub’s new look and feel! Combined with our new and improved Editor, SwaggerHub is now reengineered to provide the best, optimal experience for API development and collaboration. Log in now to try out the new SwaggerHub interface. New to SwaggerHub? Sign up for free today. We always value feedback, and would love to know how you like the new SwaggerHub interface. You can reach us on Twitter at @SwaggerHub, post in the comments below, or contact us via email on [email protected].