[Free eBook Download] How to Optimize Your Swagger Workflow for Today’s API Economy

  April 03, 2017

Recognizing APIs as a driver of business and strategic initiatives is a fairly recent development, and organizations have now started to invest heavily in their API strategy. Organizations that are making significant investments in developing API strategies go beyond traditional technology leaders. Industries — from financial services to healthcare, education to manufacturing, and many more — have seen a significant growth in API adoption. This has been accompanied by an explosion in adoption in API description formats, like Swagger (OpenAPI), which provide a contract for your API that is language agnostic and human readable, allowing both machines and humans to parse and understand what the API is supposed to do.

Why Swagger?

Today, thousands of organizations — both large and small — use Swagger to streamline development and drive adoption for their APIs. Swagger provides:
  • The proper canvas for API design and collaboration
  • A clear, concise, and formal mechanism for reuse with integrity
  • The proper tooling for automation
  • The necessary information for testing automation and monitoring enhancement
Swagger is now the world’s most popular framework for API development, and has evolved into the industry standard for designing and documenting APIs.

Learn How to Optimize Your Swagger Workflow

Implementing Swagger across your organization’s internal and external APIs comes with a unique set of challenges, especially when attempting to scale multiple API projects across several different teams. This is where having a workflow the facilitate the implementation of Swagger can come in handy. In our newest resource, Optimizing Your Swagger Workflow for Today's API Economy, we introduce an easy-to-follow workflow for working with Swagger within your organization. We’ll discuss different approaches to API development with Swagger, and show how your team can use SwaggerHub to collaborate across the lifecycle of your API. Get your copy. This resource includes a step-by-step look at the different collaboration features available in SwaggerHub’s team plans. Try these features out for yourself with a free Pro or Premium trial of SwaggerHub.