RepreZen API Studio - Build Amazing API Solutions End‑to‑End with New 1.3 Release
API Development | Posted May 13, 2016

RepreZen API Studio is a powerful API modeling workbench with everything you need to design, document and deliver end-to-end API solutions.  Some of the key capabilities include:

  • Full-featured Swagger-OpenAPI editor with code assist, customizable code templates, real-time validation, outline view, and more.
  • Live diagram, documentation and Swagger-UI views, with a built-in mock service for interactive sandbox testing.
  • Custom code generation with a powerful template-driven framework and full support for Swagger-Codegen.
  • Plug-in team collaboration with connectivity to a broad range of version control, issue tracking and ALM tools.

You'll see improvements in all of these areas with the new 1.3 release.  Here's what's new:

Introducing SwagEdit - RepreZen's OpenAPI Editor on GitHub!

We're excited to announce that SwagEdit, RepreZen's full-featured OpenAPI Editor for Eclipse, is now available as an open source project on GitHub.

SwagEdit, the native OpenAPI editor in RepreZen API Studio, is now freely available to all Swagger and Eclipse users. In the 1.3 release of API Studio, we've added more flexible custom code templates, and improved validation.

SwagEdit GIF

More improvements from the RepreZen team coming soon. Your comments & contributions are always welcome!

Improved diagram and documentation views

The diagram rendering is faster and more refined, while the doc view now has full markdown support, and an improved properties table format:

API Diagram View in RepreZen API Studio

Documentation View in RepreZen API Studio

New Code Generators & Documentation Site

We've updated to Swagger-CodeGen 2.1.6, with new generators for Haskell Servant and ASP.NET 5 server stubs, along with numerous fixes and enhancements.

And we've added a new documentation site that shows how you can take code gen to the next level:

  • Import additional swagger-codegen modules -- your own, or others from the Swagger open source community
  • Use RepreZen's native code gen framework to build a custom generator in minutes, or build advanced multi-stage code gen solutions.

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