Swagger 2.0 Tooling released

  June 10, 2015

We're happy and excited to announce that we've released a package of the Swagger core tools providing official support for the Swagger 2.0 specification. This release gives new users a much improved on-boarding experience, as well as it enables existing Swagger adopters to use key Swagger 2.0 features in their API solutions. As before, all tools are open-source and licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.

The tools in this release that now officially support Swagger 2.0 are:

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Node.JS improvements

Together with the release we are also happy to highlight Apigee's major contribution to the Swagger node.js project - which replaces the previous swagger-node-express solution with a totally new framework that provides real-time support for API First development for Swagger 2.0 with multiple node.js REST API frameworks. - check it out!

Community Tools that support 2.0

To make it easier for users to find tools compliant with Swagger 2.0 we've updated the Community Tools accordingly - it's awesome to see that there are already 30+ tools out there supporting Swagger 2.0!

Thank you!

A large number of community members have contributed to make this release happen, and apart from @whitlockjc, @mohsen1 and @theganyo at Apigee mentioned above we would like to mention @wing238,  @xhh and @geekerzp their contributions to Swagger Codegen - and of course the team @ SmartBear consisting of @webron, @tomtit, @iushankin, @ponelat, @MDoumin and @lugaru1234

And of course nothing of this would have happened without @fehguy - thank you!