SwaggerHub 101: An Introduction to Getting Started with SwaggerHub

  March 13, 2018

SwaggerHub is an integrated API development platform that brings together all the core capabilities of the open source Swagger framework, along with additional advanced capabilities to build, document, manage, and deploy your APIs. SwaggerHub provides one centralized platform — in the cloud — that allows teams to optimize their Swagger workflow across the entire API lifecycle. This SwaggerHub 101 webinar is designed to help you get the most out of all of the tools and features SwaggerHub has to offer — whether you’re just getting started, or an experienced user who wants to learn something new for your next project. Watch the on-demand version below. (Interested in speaking to a member of the team about SwaggerHub? Shoot us an email [email protected].)


Use this guide to find the details that are most interesting to you:

  • Understanding the SwaggerHub Workflow [0:20]
  • The SwaggerHub API Explore Page [3:25]
  • Creating a New API in SwaggerHub [4:45]
  • Setting Your Organization and Inviting Collaborators [9:00]
  • Configure a Mock Server to Enable Interactive Documentation [12:00]
  • Communicating in Real-Time with SwaggerHub Comments [15:00]
  • Generating Interactive Documentation in SwaggerHub [25:00]
  • Code Generation and Source Control Sync with GitHub [26:00]
  • Bootstrapping Your API Developer Portal [32:00]
  • Publishing and Versioning Your API in SwaggerHub [35:00]

Additional Resources

Here are some additional resources to help your team get started with SwaggerHub: