Collaborative API Design and Documentation with SwaggerHub [VIDEO]

  June 21, 2017

SwaggerHub is an integrated API design and documentation platform, built for teams to drive consistency and discipline across the API development workflow. We created SwaggerHub with a goal to change the way teams work together on the design and documentation of their APIs. And over the last few months we’ve rolled out several new features and enhancements to help teams work better together, including:

  • Improvemed team management and organization in the SwaggerHub Dashboard
  • Style Validator for design consistency
  • Domains for faster, more standardized API design
  • Compare and Merge to improve their documentation workflow
In our recent SwaggerHub Training: Collaborative API Design and Documentation with SwaggerHub, we explored some of these new features, and offered practical advice for using SwaggerHub to improve your team’s API design and documentation workflow. The training addressed some of the biggest issues teams face when developing APIs in today’s API economy, including: maintaining design consistency across APIs, collaborating across teams, hosting and other infrastructural costs, and maintaining good API design and documentation practices, without sacrificing speed. Watch the full training below.

Explore the capabilities of SwaggerHub

  • Understanding the Swagger UI (8:50)
  • Organizations and Team Management (9:50)
  • Inviting Collaborators to Your API (24:40)
  • Using Comments for Real-Time Collaboration (27:00)
  • Visually Compare and Merge API Changes (29:00)
  • Setting Up Your First Domain (35:30)
  • Enabling Style Validation (45:00)

Get started with SwaggerHub

You can try these SwaggerHub features for free. Start a free trial to setup your first organization. You can import an existing Swagger definition, or start designing a new API with your team today. Have additional questions about getting started with SwaggerHub? Start a chat with a member of the SwaggerHub team right now (start a conversation), or shoot us an email [email protected].