[Webinar] Adopting an API-First Approach with OpenAPI 3.0

  November 09, 2017

The digital age has brought a lot of practical advantages to the world. The collective knowledge of humanity can be accessed in the palm of our hands, self-driving cars are a very realistic future, and creating and deploying new products and services are easier than ever.

This brings new opportunities for ambitious and creative individuals and organizations to thrive, but also brings about its own, unique set of challenges, especially in an era with multiple platforms and distribution channels for new applications and products.

This is why an API-first approach is a refreshing approach to developing products. The API-first approach makes an API the first interface built for an application. The approach forces people to build an API that provides high value to the target audience, before building a product on top of it. It enables developers and organizations to minimize product liability and failure, maximize value and prepare for future product success across different platforms and channels.

A big part of adopting the API-first mindset is also design thinking, and formulating a contract-first, or spec-first strategy for your API development. The OpenAPI Specification (formerly Swagger Specification) goes hand-in-hand with an API-first thinking. The OpenAPI Specification enables teams to design a technology-agnostic API interface that is consumer-centric and not application biased, while simultaneously keeping your internal stakeholders in sync. Your OpenAPI interface defines the API’s functionality, and can grow and evolve along with your product.

Adopting an API First Approach with OpenAPI 3.0

This month, we are hosting a free training: Adopting an API First Approach with OpenAPI 3.0. In this training we will cover what it takes to adopt an API First approach to building products from the API’s design, how to position API design into your development workflow using the latest version of the OpenAPI Specification, OpenAPI 3.0, and effectively collaborate on an actual API design in a real world setting using the OAS and SwaggerHub.

Topics covered will include

  1. What is the API First approach to building applications?
  2. What does it take to adopt API First methodology?
  3. What is the OpenAPI Specification (OAS), and what are the newest features of OAS 3.0?
  4. How can OAS 3.0 accelerate API development, testing, documentation and delivery in the API First approach?
  5. Real world example of design an actual OAS interface for an API

The training is November 21 at 9am & 2pm ET.

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