Live Training: Get Started with SwaggerHub for Teams

  January 09, 2018

More than 80,000 API developers, architects, designers, technical writers, and product managers trust SwaggerHub to help them standardize their API design process with OpenAPI. SwaggerHub was created to change the way teams work together on the design and documentation of their APIs, by providing tools to:

  • Standardize your API design process, with tools to set and enforce style guidelines
  • Improve collaboration with a common environment for every member of your team, from developers to business owners, to work together on the development of your APIs
  • Create a centralized source of truth for all APIs across your organization, with secure cloud-hosting for your API definitions
In addition to the functionality provided in SwaggerHub, we also provide the ability to integrate into the tooling your team trusts to facilitate the API lifecycle, including source control management (GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab) and API gateways (Apigee, AWS, and Microsoft Azure).

Getting Started with SwaggerHub

We know that when adopting a new platform, which involves different teams and stakeholders, it’s always helpful to have a convenient way to get everyone up to speed. That’s why each month we host a series for free trainings, designed to help you understand how your team can get started on SwaggerHub, and introduce you to the different ways SwaggerHub can help improve your API workflow. We’ll cover:
  • Seamlessly generate interactive documentation for your APIs
  • Use Organizations and teams to better manage your collaborators
  • Sync your API code with source control management tools
  • Improve design consistency with features like Domains and Style Validator
We'll also have a member of the team available to answer any questions you have about the platform. Here are our upcoming sessions: Friday, January 12 @ 10AM – Reserve Your Spot Friday, January 26 @ 10AM – Reserve Your Spot Thursday, February 8 @ 2PM – Reserve Your Spot Can’t make it to any of the scheduled sessions and want to setup a demo for your team? Email [email protected] and we’ll help set something up.