Elevating API Exploration: Import Postman Collections

  April 15, 2024

Innovation never slows down with software development, and tools that facilitate smooth and efficient API exploration are invaluable. SwaggerHub Explore, known for its robust API exploration capabilities, has taken a significant leap forward with its latest update. The introduction of the ability to import Postman collections directly into Explore via a new command line interface (CLI) command is a game-changer for developers and API testers. This enhancement not only bridges the gap between Postman and SwaggerHub, but also streamlines the API testing and exploration process.

Importing with Ease

The process is straightforward and intuitive. By utilizing the new "Import Postman Collection" option in the Explorer CLI, users can now directly import their exported Postman collections into Explore. This feature supports the parameters that are familiar to users of other commands within the CLI, requiring only the file path to the exported Postman collection.


Explore CLI: https://www.nuget.org/packages/Explore.Cli

How to use Explore CLI: https://youtu.be/pFfSr8B92Fo?list=PLrA5ciulugn87I051aAo9cvX2lagLh769&t=290

A Seamless Transition

Imagine having a comprehensive collection of API requests in Postman named "Payees API" but needing the advanced exploration features of Explore. With the new update, transitioning this collection is as simple as running a command. The import functionality not only creates a new space within Explore for the imported API, but also meticulously brings over the various requests and parameters associated with those requests. This seamless integration ensures all the preparatory work done in Postman is not lost and can be immediately utilized within Explore.

Embracing Design and API Documentation

By switching from Postman to Explore, you not only gain access to advanced API Exploration features, but also streamline the process of generating API documentation and securely storing the definition within SwaggerHub. This empowers you to effortlessly advance your 'API First' initiatives.


Broad Compatibility

An impressive aspect of this update is its compatibility. Explore's new feature supports HTTP-based as well as SOAP-based collections, catering to a wide range of API protocols. Whether your collection is geared towards RESTful services or SOAP, you can expect a smooth import process.

Future-Proofing Your Work

It's worth noting the current version supports the 2.1 version of Postman collections. Attempting to import collections from earlier versions might result in an error, prompting users to ensure their collections are updated to the latest format before importing.

Kickstarting Your API Exploration

This update is more than a feature; it's a bridge between two of the most powerful tools in API development and testing. By facilitating the import of Postman collections, Explore not only expands its utility, but also reinforces its commitment to enhancing the user experience. Whether you're debugging an API, designing a new one, or just exploring the possibilities, this new feature promises to make your journey smoother and more productive.