4 API Events You Won’t Want to Miss This October  

  October 02, 2017

This October, the SwaggerHub Team will be hitting the road with the rest of the SmartBear API team to meet with API practitioners, Swagger users, and innovators from around the world of APIs.   From big name conferences to local meetups, we are looking forward to connecting with the Swagger community and learning more about the real opportunities and challenges facing API teams today.    You can see the full list of upcoming events that we will be traveling to below. If you’re in the area or attending any of these events let us know or stop by to meet the team. If you can’t make it, be sure to subscribe to the SwaggerHub Blog or connect with us on Twitter to stay up-to-date with the latest news from the events. 

JavaOne Conference — San Francisco, California — October 1-5 

More than 10,000 Java developers will be making the trip to San Francisco to hear the latest in Java technologies at JavaOne 2017. Java developers play a major role in the Swagger community, and we’re looking forward to hearing more about how we can continue to evolve the Swagger tools to meet the needs of teams building APIs with Java.  If you’re at JavaOne, we will be doing a live presentation at the SmartBear Booth (Booth 6145) at 2:30pm PT on Tuesday, October 2. The presentation: Virtualizing Swagger APIs will look at how teams can use virtualization to accelerate their API development with the OpenAPI (formerly Swagger) specification. We’ll also be doing live demos of API solutions like SwaggerHub for API design and documentation, and ServiceV for powerful API virtualization. Can’t make it to the show? We will be streaming the presentation live from the SmartBear booth on Facebook. Make sure to connect with us there to receive updates.  

Meetup: APIs as Part of Your Product Portfolio: The Key to Success in the API Economy

Galway, Ireland — October 4 @ 6pm   On October 4, we’ll be hosting an API meetup at the SmartBear Office in Galway, focused on keys to success in the API economy. APIs enable regular applications to transition into the platform age, and organizations are increasingly starting to think of new and innovative ways to drive real value, adoption and monetization through their API strategy.   Keshav Vasudevan, Product Marketing Manager at SmartBear, will take a deep dive into understanding the current landscape of the API economy, how to start thinking of the overarching product strategy when embarking on the journey towards a successful API, and drive adoption by ensuring a high-quality and consistent API consumption experience using the OpenAPI Specification and the open source Swagger tooling.  RSVP here and let us know if you can make it.  

Nordic APIs Platform Summit 2017

Stockholm, Sweden — October 9-11  Nordic APIs is a go-to resource for news and education on all things API design, documentation, governance, security, and anything else you’d like to know to develop a successful API strategy in 2017. And it’s no surprise that they’ve brought together an incredible lineup of speakers from around the API space for their annual Nordic APIs Platform Summit  On Tuesday, October 10, SmartBear CTO, Ole Lensmar will be speaking about the speaking about the power of API virtualization in his session: The Magic Behind Faster API Development, Testing and Delivery with API VirtualizationAPI Virtualization is an increasingly popular approach for speeding release cycles by developing and testing in parallel. If you’re attending, be sure to check out Ole’s session and stop by the SmartBear booth to chat with the team and check out the latest from Swagger, SoapUI, and the rest of the SmartBear API family. 

API Strategy & Practice Conference

Portland, Oregon — October 31-November 2  The API Strategy & Practice (APIStrat) Conference provides a forum in which leaders in the API sector can gather to discuss successes and challenges they face while executing their own API strategy. This is the eighth year of the conference, and is the first year that the event is being put on by the Linux Foundation and the OpenAPI Initiative.  This year at APIStrat, we will be revealing the latest and greatest in the open source Swagger tooling and SwaggerHub, and showing how teams can design, document, and develop great APIs using the latest version of the OpenAPI Specification 3.0.   Ron Ratovsky, Swagger Developer Evangelist at SmartBear, will be hosting a talk on November 1 at 3pm PT, looking at what’s new in the Swagger community. This talk, Keep Your Swagger On, will cover what changed in our ecosystem and provide a glimpse of the roadmap ahead. Come and get a demo of what the future of Swagger and OpenAPI 3.0 looks like!  If you’re looking to develop new skills or connect with other passionate API practitioners, these events have a lot to offer. If you’re able to make it, be sure to stop by and say hi. In addition to these great talks and presentations, we’ll also have plenty of giveaways and other activities you won’t want to miss.     Hope to see you this October!