What the SwaggerHub Team is Excited for at Dockercon 2017

  April 14, 2017

Next week, the SwaggerHub team will be joining 5,000+ Developers, DevOps, System Administrators, and others from across the Docker community in Austin, Texas for DockerCon 2017. DockerCon is a three-day conference covering a wide range of topics from around the Docker ecosystem. In fact, this year’s show is expected to be the largest container conference taking place anywhere in the world! This will be our first year showcasing SwaggerHub’s integrated API development at DockerCon, and we are looking forward to connecting with Docker users that are using Swagger, along with Docker to drive their microservices architecture. We’ll be doing demos of how SwaggerHub can help teams standardize API design across their microservices architecture, and will be doing our first live demos of the brand new SwaggerHub interface. If you’re heading to the show, be sure to stop by the booth S43 to pick up one of our Swagger stickers or SwaggerHub t-shirts. We’ll also be raffling off some cool prizes throughout the week, so stop by for your chance to win.  SwaggerHubDockercon Looking ahead to a busy week in Austin, we thought we’d share some of the sessions our team is looking for at this year’s event.

The Community Theatre in the Ecosystem Expo

The Community Theatre — which brings sessions right into the middle of the Ecosystem Expo — always delivers some of the most interesting topics on the DockerCon lineup. Last year, the Community Theatre brought speakers like 13-year old Aditya Gupta, who shared how he applied his Minecraft skills to pick up Docker concepts. This year, the Community Theatre will feature talks like Effective Data Pipelines with Jenkins and Docker, presented by Brain Donaldson, Lead Data Engineer at Docker, and Container Evolution Journey at PayPal, which will look at how to Dockerize thousands of legacy applications, without transforming your entire team into Docker experts overnight. Learn more.

Beyond Chicken Nuggets: 1 year and 1,000+ Containers Later at ADP James Ford – Chief Architect, ADP

In addition to having one of the best titled sessions at this year’s show, James Ford’s talk will provide insight into how a well-established enterprise drive container adoption in their organization. Today, 1 in 6 workers in the US are paid through the ADP platform. We’re looking forward to hearing how a company of that level of scale has continued to drive innovation through Container computing. In addition to ADP, we’re looking forward to hearing from experts from sessions from companies like Netflix, Capital One, Metlife, Cisco, and more. Learn more.

Keynotes & Breakout Sessions

DockerCon keynotes offer a mix of celebration of the Docker community, and it’s continued growth, and a look forward at what’s coming to Docker in the year ahead. Last year’s keynotes featured the announcement of the 1.12 beta version of Docker Engine, along with an integration of Docker Swarm to provide container orchestration. And also included announcements for the Docker ecosystem, including integrations with AWS and Azure. We’re looking forward to hearing about what’s coming next for Docker.

Open Container Initiative: Container Standards

The Open Container Initiative (OCI) is an open governance structure, focused on creating open industry standards around container formats and runtime. The OCI is working toward V1.0 of its runtime and image format specifications, and we’re looking forward to seeing what’s coming from OCI technical experts. Learn more. Not heading to DockerCon this year? We will be sharing updates throughout the show on Twitter @SwaggerHub.