Live API Expert Panel: Developing an API Strategy for 2017

  October 31, 2016

The coming year will bring new opportunities and challenges for the API space. Teams that want to build great APIs will need to be prepared to adapt, and work to address these challenges across the entire API lifecycle.

What will your API strategy look like in 2017?

Tomorrow, SwaggerHub and the SmartBear API team, is hosting a live API expert panel: Developing an API Strategy for 2017. The panel will feature API experts from across the API space to share their unique perspectives on building an API strategy that will deliver results for your organization. Panelists include:

What will the experts discuss?

We are looking forward to a conversation focused on both the current state of the API economy, and the opportunities that lie ahead for APIs in 2017. Panelists will discuss the continued evolution of the API space, and how APIs have reshaped modern software delivery. And looking forward, the panelists will share their thoughts on the "next big things" to watch out for in the API space in 2017.

How to tune in

The panel will start at 7pm ET and will be broadcast live on the SmartBear Facebook Page. All you need to do is visit SmartBear’s Facebook page and follow to get notified when we go live! If you'd like a reminder and a video recap of the panel sent to your inbox, you can RSVP here as well. Watch The Livestream & Follow Us Here:

Interested in attending in-person?

We are broadcasting the panel at SmartBear HQ in Somerville, Massachusetts, during our meetup for the APIStrat Conference, which is in Boston November 2-4. Join us at our Assembly Row (Somerville, MA) headquarters to connect with other API Enthusiasts, enjoy delicious North End pizza and craft beer, and engage with an expert panel on the topic of API strategy in 2017. RSVP Now.