[Webinar] OpenAPI 3.0, And What it Means for the Future of Swagger

  July 31, 2017

The long awaited OpenAPI 3.0 specification has officially been released! OpenAPI 3.0 is the next evolution of the Swagger specification. With the release of 3.0, the specification — which was donated to the OpenAPI Initiative by SmartBear Software in 2015 — will not only be formally getting a new name, but will also be adding powerful new features for your API development.

What does OAS 3.0 means for API teams?

With the release of OAS 3.0, the API economy now has a common standard for teams to define their RESTful APIs. For teams that are already using the Swagger 2.0 specification, 3.0 adds several significant improvements, including: support for describing callbacks, links to express relationships between operations, enhanced examples, and a simplified structure for better reusability. For teams that are just starting their journey with defining RESTful APIs, the release of OAS 3.0 presents an opportunity to get started with a specification that has become the chosen standard for organizations across industries, around the world. Ole Lensmar, CTO, SmartBear Software and Chair of the OAI Board, explains the significance of the 3.0 release: "The release of this third-generation format is a significant milestone for our community. The updates made are entirely user and usage driven and that plays a huge role in the success of the specification. One of the most powerful things about this release is its ability to drive the full API lifecycle."

See What’s New in OAS 3.0

On August 9, we are hosting a free training looking at what’s new in OAS 3.0. The webinar, OAS 3.0, And What it Means for the Future of Swagger, will provide an in-depth look at the new specification, and will also preview some of the exciting work being done in the Swagger communities, and on the SwaggerHub platform. The webinar will be presented by Ole Lensmar, CTO, SmartBear Software & Chair of the OpenAPI Initiative and Ron Ratovsky, Swagger Developer Evangelist and Member of the OpenAPI Technical Development Community, and will offer insights on how 3.0 will change the way API teams use the specification across the lifecycle of their APIs from design and documentation, to testing and deployment. We will cover:
  • What’s changing in OAS 3.0
  • How to use new features like Links and Callbacks
  • Converting from Swagger 2.0 to OAS 3.0
  • Implementing OAS 3.0 with Swagger & SwaggerHub
Reserve your spot. Can't make it to the webinar on August 9? Register for the webinar, and we will send a recording and a copy of the slides.