RepreZen API Studio 1.5 Brings Swagger to Your IDE

  February 23, 2017

RepreZen API Studio is a true IDE for API development, with everything you need to design, document & development with everything you need to design, document and deliver end-to-end API solutions.  Some of the key capabilities include:

  • Full-featured Swagger-OpenAPI editor with content assist, customizable code templates, real-time validation, multi-file support, and more.
  • Live diagram, documentation and Swagger-UI views, with a built-in mock service for interactive sandbox testing.
  • Custom code generation with a powerful template-driven framework and full support for Swagger-Codegen.
  • Plug-in team collaboration with Git, Github and other version control, issue tracking and ALM tools.

RepreZen lets you work with the OpenAPI description language and the Swagger libraries as first-class tools in your development process. And with the 1.5 release, RepreZen takes this even further with robust multi-file support, drag-and-drop Eclipse installation, improved and expanded code generation.

Multi-File, All the Way Down

APIs can get big.  API programs can get even bigger, with cross-functional teams, evolving microservices architectures, and a push to standardize and reuse definitions across APIs.

In an environment like this, trying to manage your API specification in a single file is really limiting, and eventually just not practical. So if you're API spec is starting to feel like a monolith, RepreZen lets you divide and conquer.

Built on the open-source Eclipse platform, API Studio has multi-file projects in its DNA. OpenAPI $ref properties, based on the JSON Reference standard, provide the basic mechanism. And API Studio integrates it into every aspect of the API design experience: content assist, hyperlink and quick outline navigation, code generation, and our improved documentation view. These are all multi-file-aware and ready for your biggest, most complex projects.

Consolidate and Simplify with Swagger Normalizer

Not every Swagger code generator or documentation viewer handles $ref properties correctly. In fact, OpenAPI has a number of rules that these downstream components have to observe, to correctly interpret a Swagger spec.

Swagger Normalizer solves this by resolving references, making default values explicit, and embedding inherited properties directly where they're used. RepreZen API Studio automatically includes Swagger Normalizer as a pre-processor for live views and code gen; and you can use it as a self-standing generator to consolidate and simplify complex, multi-file projects into a single JSON or YAML Swagger spec.

The Contract Is the Code.

API specifications have tremendous expressive power to describe your API, not just to other developers, but to clients applications, services, gateways and other components across the ecosystem.

So why should your own API implementation be any different?

If you're using code-first annotations, you're practicing code-as-contract. For many developers, that's an ideal way to keep your API docs and implementation in sync. But there are lots of situations where an API-first, or contract-first workflow has clear advantages.

RepreZen API Studio brings API design and code generation right into the development environment, enabling true contract-as-code.

API Studio fully supports Swagger-Codegen with easy YAML configuration, and now includes the popular NSwag toolchain for .NET, Web API and TypeScript. You can even build your own generators using RepreZen's powerful code gen framework.

All generators run from the IDE, the command line, or your automated CI/CD build using Maven or Gradle.

Now Available on Eclipse Marketplace

Great news for Eclipse users! Now there are two ways to use RepreZen API Studio:

  • Install as a standalone API workbench on Windows, MacOS or Linux.

    Register here to get started.

  • Drag-and-drop to install into your Eclipse IDE (Mars.2, Neon or Oxygen) from

    Eclipse Marketplace:

Drag to your running Eclipse workspace.

Let's Build some APIs!

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