Step into the Spotlight at SmartBear Connect 2018

  May 04, 2018

What is SmartBear Connect?

SmartBear Connect is the annual SmartBear user conference which brings together software enthusiasts from around the world to share ideas, get hands-on training, and hear from industry experts. SmartBear Connect is also exciting event for the Swagger Community — not just because it features a full line-up of trainings and presentations on Swagger and the OpenAPI Specification — but also because it’s the chance for Swagger users like you to step into the spotlight and share their experience.

Step into the Spotlight at SmartBear Connect

Are you the Swagger expert in your organization? Want to hear from you. You’re probably already sharing your expertise on a daily basis — answering Slack messages, sitting in meetings, or attending Meetups. SmartBear Connect is your chance to take the stage in front of hundreds of other API enthusiasts. Have a new project using Swagger tooling that you want to talk about? Do you have tips and tricks you’d like to share? If you used a Swagger tool to do it, we want to hear about it. We’re accepting speaker submissions through May 15th, so apply today! Submit Your Talk  Not sure where to start coming up with ideas? Check out two of our favorite Swagger sessions from last year’s event below.

The Effect of Microservices on API Design:   If you are thinking about implementing microservices, or even if you’ve already done so, this is the talk for you. Figuring out how to align microservices with API consumption can be a challenge to say the least. Here, Al Tsang of Lunchbadger will take you through the most comment questions and how to solve them.  

API Contract-As-Code: Rapid Development with OAS3

  The contract-first mentality puts API design quality at the top of the agenda. But how do you use an OpenAPI spec when it’s time to start coding? Here, you can see how to drive API evolution from the OAS contract from start to finish.

Feeling inspired?

Apply to be a speaker today, and see you in October! Submit Your Talk.