Announcing Support for OAS 3.0 in Swagger Editor and Swagger UI

  August 03, 2017

We are excited to announce the release of Swagger UI & Swagger Editor 3.1.0! This is the first release of Swagger Editor and Swagger UI to support the new OpenAPI 3.0 (OAS) specification.

OAS 3.0, which is based on the Swagger 2.0 specification, adds major improvements and new functionality including: increased reusability, extended JSON Schema functionality, and enhanced security definitions.

The Swagger UI and Swagger Editor are among the most widely used tools for designing and documenting RESTful API using the OpenAPI Specification. This latest release enables users to use the Swagger Editor to describe OAS 3.0 APIs, and the Swagger UI to visual and automatically generate documentation of an API defined in OAS 3.0.

This is the first version to support OAS 3.0, and we will be releasing additional updates to extend the support for OAS 3.0.

You can read the full release notes for this release on GitHub: Swagger Editor and Swagger UI. This includes an overview of what’s new, and known limitations which will be addressed in future releases.

As an open source project, the team relies on community feedback to improve the tools. We invite you to share your feedback by filing a ticket on the project repositories.

Get started with OpenAPI Specification 3.0

To help your team make the switch to OpenAPI 3.0, we wanted to share some of the training and documentation we’ve put together to help teams adopt OpenAPI 3.0.