Say Farewell to Swagger Inspector

  September 13, 2023

Change is inevitable in the world of technology, as innovation continually reshapes the landscape we navigate. SmartBear, the driving force behind some of your favorite API tools, will be sunsetting Swagger Inspector on September 29th, 2023. But fear not, this departure paves a way for an even more powerful exploration experience – SwaggerHub Explore.

What is SwaggerHub Explore?

SwaggerHub Explore is a free API client, instantly surfacing data received from an API response. This allows you to evaluate the value provided by various API protocols in a single place. Explore makes API exploration a breeze with support for REST and event-driven APIs. Developers can send a request, receive an instant response and subscribe or publish topics. Thus, discovering more about API behaviors and saving both time and effort during integration.

SwaggerHub Explore vs. Swagger Inspector

SwaggerHub Explore was created to have feature parity with Swagger Inspector. So, the good news is that you can keep doing what you did in Inspector, now within Explore.

You can send an API request and get the response.


You can go to history and generate a collection from historical API interactions (Collection is equal to Space in Explore).


You can generate documentation (OAS) from a Space.


Discover and interact with SwaggerHub APIs directly from Explore.


Get started with SwaggerHub Explore

Even though SmartBear isn’t migrating customer data from Inspector to Explore, we created a simple CLI utility for importing data into Explore. Check out our latest video explaining how to use this CLI!

What are you waiting for? Start exploring your APIs now!