API Documentation with the OpenAPI Specification & Swagger Tools

Today, organizations across all industries are recognizing the business and strategic opportunities of investing in an API program. With the associated cost of developing these new APIs, ensuring adoption and ease of consumption is key to their continued success.

API documentation is the user manual for your API, and while in the past, creating and maintaining documentation was a manual process, today development teams can streamline their documentation by leveraging the OpenAPI Specification, and Swagger tools.

In this webinar, we will look at the role of the OpenAPI Specification in documenting APIs, and how teams can leverage tools like Swagger UI and SwaggerHub to streamline their API documentation workflow.

We will cover:

  • The role of API documentation in developer experience
  • Advice for writing API docs developers will love
  • Using OAS to document RESTful APIs
  • Setting up an API documentation workflow that scales

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Ryan Pinkham
Ryan Pinkham,
Marketing Manager
Nathan Wright
Nathan Wright,
Sales Engineer