Collaborating Across the API Lifecycle: How to Setup an API Workflow that Scales

APIs have proven to be key components to translating business value and scalability across a multitude of devices and ecosystems. Organizations have started to double down on their efforts to build quality, consumable APIs for internal and external use to take advantage of the API economy.

However, as teams grow larger in size, it becomes imperative to work better together.

How do API architects, developers, testers and devOps all keep their projects aligned? This is where open standards and tooling frameworks come in to support your collaboration and scaling.

Learn how teams can improve collaboration, and standardize the way APIs are built across their organization.

This webinar covers:

  • The challenges when developing APIs across teams
  • How to set up an API design workflow to reduce errors and minimize confusion
  • Why using an internal repository to provide access to documentation is best
  • How to enable parallel development with API mocking
  • Why standardizing API design across teams is useful
  • How you can improve efficiency with reusability
  • How to integrate and sync your API definitions with code in git repositories

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