Definition Driven API Development: How OAS & Swagger Help Teams Streamline Their API Development

In this webinar, we discussed exactly why and how to use the OpenAPI Specification to accelerate your API development in various phases of the API lifecycle including API design, development, documentation, testing and virtualization.

We cover trends in the API landscape that have led to the adoption of API definitions, like OpenAPI, and look at real-world examples of how API teams are using definitions to address challenges at each of the different phases of the lifecycle of their APIs. And finally, we walk through a live demo showing tools like Swagger Inspector for generating API definitions, SwaggerHub for designing, documenting, and developing your APIs, and SoapUI and ServiceV for testing and virtualizing your API.

You can find the slides for the presentation here.

Here is an overview of the different topics covered during the webinar:

  • Trends in the Modern API Lanscape (2:30)
  • Understanding the Definition Driven Approach (11:45)
  • Using OAS to Design APIs (16:45)
  • API Documentation with OAS (21:20)
  • Virtualizing APIs with OAS (24:50)
  • Developing APIs with OAS & Swagger Codegen (28:50)
  • Generate Test Cases with OAS (32:00)
  • Generating an OAS definition with Swagger Inspector (34:20)
  • Live Demo: Streamline Your API Lifecycle with OAS & Swagger (37:30)

Streamline Your API Development with OAS & Swagger

As the team behind some of the most widely used tools for designing, documenting, and developing APIs with the OpenAPI Specification — including the open source Swagger Editor, Swagger UI, and Swagger Codegen, as well as pro tools like SwaggerHub and Swagger Inspector — we’ve learned firsthand about the opportunities and challenges facing teams developing APIs with OAS.

Put these tips to work today. Create your SwaggerHub account to get access to SwaggerHub and Swagger Inspector. 

Ryan Pinkham
Ryan Pinkham,
Marketing Manager
Keshav Vasudevan
Keshav Vasudevan,
Product Marketing Manager