OpenAPI 3.0, And What it Means for the Future of Swagger

OpenAPI 3.0 is the next evolution of the Swagger specification. With the release of 3.0, the specification — which was donated to the OpenAPI Initiative by SmartBear Software in 2015 — will not only be formally getting a new name, but will also be adding powerful new features for your API development.

In this free Swagger training, we are joined by Ron Ratovsky, Swagger Developer Evangelist and member of the OpenAPI Initiative, Technical Steering Commitee, to discuss what's new in OAS 3.0, and what it means for the future of Swagger tools.

  • Overview of the OpenAPI Initiative [2:30]
  • Understanding the Relationship of Swagger and OpenAPI, OAS, & OAI [8:30]
  • What’s New in OpenAPI 3.0 [10:20]
  • Switching from OpenAPI (Swagger) 2.0 to OpenAPI 3.0 [32:00]
  • How OAS 3.0 Fits into the API Lifecycle [34:50]
  • Overview of Swagger Tools [ 39:30]
  • Timeline of Support for OpenAPI [44:00]
  • Live Swagger Demo [47:35]
Ryan Pinkham
Ryan Pinkham,
Marketing Manager