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Introducing Swagger Training + Certification
We are happy to announce the availability of Swagger Certification Training, a one-day...
API Development
Swagger Codegen Vulnerability Addressed
On June 22 2016, a report was made public regarding a vulnerability in Swagger Codegen...
API Development
Go serverless with SwaggerHub and Amazon!
The last few years have brought a gradual shift towards serverless Infrastructure...
API Development
Introducing the Amazon API Gateway Integration!
 Deploy your API definition on the AWS API Gateway, straight from SwaggerHub!The...
API Development - Wikipedia for Web APIs
I believe all people who are reading this post know how useful OpenAPI/Swagger specs...
API Development
REST United - the easiest way to engage your developers via auto-generated client libraries (SDKs) and documentation with code samples
Are you looking for ways to engage your developers with client libraries (SDKs) in...
API Development
RepreZen API Studio - Build Amazing API Solutions End‑to‑End with New 1.3 Release
RepreZen API Studio is a powerful API modeling workbench with...
API Development
Introducing Real-time Collaboration from SwaggerHub!
SwaggerHub, a new SAAS tool for API Lifecycle management, has just released real-time...
API Development
SwaggerHub Comments - The next step in API collaboration!
Creativity thrives when people work in groups, and communication is key to a group’s...
Introducing SwaggerHub Integrations
SwaggerHub’s latest addition to its array of features is Integrations– A...
API Development
Introducing Auto-Mocking in SwaggerHub
Since the launch of the Integrations feature, the SwaggerHub team has continuously...
API Development
SwaggerHub Domains, now with a User-Interface
Domains, the latest feature from SwaggerHub that stores all your reusable components...
API Development
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