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What is API Lifecycle Management?  
Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, have become vital...
API Strategy
API Culture, Collaboration, and Marketing with Jennifer Riggins
Application Programming Interface (API) has become a hot buzzword...
API Strategy
Introducing the IBM API Connect Integration to Directly Deploy APIs from SwaggerHub
APIs are the glue that hold the hyper-connected digital economy...
API Development
The New Swagger Editor and UI Are Finally Here!
The Swagger framework changed the software landscape forever...
Introducing Style Validator to Ensure API Design Compliance
Designing an API contract is no easy task. From the API’s...
API Development
Swagger & Kong Meetup @ Mashape HQ - Join us in San Francisco on 3/30
We're excited to be hosting a meetup with our friends at Mashape at...
Introducing the New SwaggerHub Editor: A Smarter Editor for Faster API Design
SwaggerHub has always been focused on providing the fastest and...
API Development
Free Resource: Documenting an Existing API with Swagger
The Swagger framework helps define a language agnostic, human...
API Development
RepreZen API Studio 1.5 Brings Swagger to Your IDE
RepreZen API Studio is a true IDE for API development, with...
Design First or Code First: What’s the Best Approach to API Development?
With the popularity of API description formats like Swagger...
API Design
[Webinar] API Developer Experience: Why it Matters, and How Documenting Your API with Swagger Can Help
Developer experience is an extension of general User Experience...
API Strategy
API Developer Experience: Why it Matters, and How Documenting Your API with Swagger Can Help
 (You can find the slides from the presentation here.) Developer experience is an...
API Documentation
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