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API Standardization FAQs: Top Questions about Building & Enforcing API Standards at Scale with Swagger Tools 
In December we released powerful new functionality in SwaggerHub, API...
API Design
Building a Documentation Portal For Multiple APIs
This is the second part of an ongoing series looking at building a custom documentation...
API Documentation
5 Reasons Software Teams Will Invest in an API Development Platform in 2019 
2018 has been a transformative year in the world of APIs.  Open...
API Strategy
Introducing API Standardization
API-focused teams are constantly looking to improve the speed they can deliver new and...
SwaggerHub Product Updates: Custom Webhook Headers, OAS 3.0 Github Sync Support, and More
As 2018 comes to a close, we are excited to see how far both the Swaggerhub solution...
Building a Documentation Portal For Multiple APIs
Projects like Swagger UI, Slate or Spectacle offer great documentation functionality...
API Documentation
Annotation Libraries for Generating OAS (And Other FAQs from Swagger Users) 
We recently held a free Swagger training, Adding Swagger to Your Existing APIs...
API Development
[Q&A] How to Support Rapid Systems Growth with a Design-First Approach
If you’re developing APIs with the OpenAPI Specification (OAS) and working with...
Weigh in on the State of APIs in 2018 (And Win $100)
We are pleased to officially launch the 2018 State of API Survey. This survey will help...
Introducing OpenAPI 3.0 Code Generation in SwaggerHub
We are excited to announce initial support for code generation with OpenAPI...
[Q&A] Lessons for Scaling Your API Design with Sanjay Kumar, Product Manager, Center of API Excellence at Capital One
SmartBear Connect is the annual user conference from SmartBear that will be held this...
Looking Ahead to API World 2018
API World, one of the largest conferences focused on the API economy, is returning to...
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