Restlet Studio, a powerful visual editor for Swagger API definitions

  April 04, 2017

API definitions are the communication nexus for you frontend and backend teams, for your API consumers and producers — both inside and outside your company. They are a central element of your API strategy. But authoring good API definitions can be challenging, as you need to know all the details of the underlying specifications.

Restlet offers Restlet Studio, a visual editor for your OpenAPI Specifications, or OAS for short (formerly known as the Swagger Specification), to ease the authoring of your API contract, as well as to help you get started quickly with client SDK and server skeleton code generation, or for translating from other API formats into OAS.

Restlet is a proud founding member of the Open API Initiative — the organization that standardizes and evolves OAS under the umbrella of the Linux Foundation.

Visual editing

Instead of writing your Swagger JSON or YAML definitions by hand, textually in a text editor or IDE, Restlet Studio provides a more visual and interactive experience. Use your mouse or keyboard shortcuts to navigate through rich components to edit your endpoints, sections, resources, methods, data types, and more! No need to know all the details of the syntax of OAS, just navigate through the UI!

 Code generation

If you’re a contract-first advocate, you’ll be able to design your API and quickly get started with both the backend code implementing your API with server skeletons, as well as client SDKs for your consumers to call your API. So you’ll find kits for Java, Android, iOS, Node.JS, Angular.JS, and more.

API definition translation

You might already have an existing OAS definition, so you can easily import it into Restlet Studio. But it also supports other API formats, and allows you to export your OAS definition in other formats as well. With Studio, you actually have an API definition translator at your disposal, for when you need to bridge between different worlds, or want to convert from one format to another.

The following screencast provides a great overview of Restlet Studio and its various capabilities. And of course, you can also read our online documentation.

Ready to start the visual experience for your Swagger specs?