deepLinking parameter

Swagger UI allows you to deeply link into tags and operations within a spec. When Swagger UI is provided a URL fragment at runtime, it will automatically expand and scroll to a specified tag or operation.


👉🏼 Add deepLinking: true to your Swagger UI configuration to enable this functionality. This is demonstrated in dist/index.html.

When you expand a tag or operation, Swagger UI will automatically update its URL fragment with a deep link to the item. Conversely, when you collapse a tag or operation, Swagger UI will clear the URL fragment.

You can also right-click a tag name or operation path to copy a link to that tag or operation.

Fragment format

The fragment is formatted in one of two ways:

  • #/{tagName}, to trigger the focus of a specific tag
  • #/{tagName}/{operationId}, to trigger the focus of a specific operation within a tag

operationId is the explicit operationId provided in the spec, if one exists. Otherwise, Swagger UI generates an implicit operationId by combining the operation's path and method, while escaping non-alphanumeric characters.


I'm using Swagger UI in an application that needs control of the URL fragment. How do I disable deep-linking?

This functionality is disabled by default, but you can pass deepLinking: false into Swagger UI as a configuration item to be sure.

Can I link to multiple tags or operations?

No, this is not supported.

Can I collapse everything except the operation or tag I'm linking to?

Sure - use docExpansion: none to collapse all tags and operations. Your deep link will take precedence over the setting, so only the tag or operation you've specified will be expanded.