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The Swagger Editor is an open source editor to design, define and document HTTP-based and event-driven APIs using the OpenAPI and AsyncAPI specifications, respectively. Swagger Editor can be installed and run locally, or accessed on the Web. SwaggerHub scales these offerings and brings the Swagger Editor, UI, and Codegen tools to the cloud in as part of an integrated platform for teams and organizations working with API specifications (such as Swagger, OpenAPI and AsyncAPI) and looking to collaborate, govern and scale their API delivery.

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General Features
YAML & JSON editor with semantic validation & highlighting
OpenAPI 2.0 specification support
OpenAPI 3.0 specification support
OpenAPI 3.1 specification support partial partial
AsyncAPI specification support
Real-Time Validation
Smart Auto-Completion
Document Navigation (go to reference, symbols, peeking)
Auto-Generated Interactive API Documentation
Client & Server Code Generation
Editor themes (light/dark)
Advanced Editing
Codeless Mocking
Style Guide Enforcement
Reusable Components
Hosting & Maintenance
Cloud Hosting
Centralized Definition Storage
Versioning for API Definitions
Collaboration & Sharing
Access Control and Secure Sharing
Issue Tracking and Commenting
Change Notifications
Third-Party Integrations
Sync with Source Control
Deploy to API Gateways
Community Support
Email Support
Live Chat Support
Live Trainings

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All of the Power of Swagger with Advanced Capabilities to Build, Document, and Deploy Your APIs with Swagger

We created SwaggerHub to address the evolving needs of software teams – both large and small – and provide a secure, integrated platform to:

  • Write, host, and version Swagger definitions
  • Document new and existing APIs with the Swagger (OpenAPI) specification
  • Quickly generate code in the language of their choosing, and push to source control repositories
  • Securely work on APIs across teams, with control over who can access API definitions
  •  Move from building to deploying faster, with seamless API Gateway integrations

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SwaggerHub for Teams

For teams that want to streamline their API workflow and deliver awesome APIs faster than ever before.

  • Interactive Editor
  • Collaborate on Files
  • Hosted Documentation
  • Design Auto-Mocking

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SwaggerHub Enterprise

For organizations that need to work across multiple teams in a secure environment, available on-premise or on the cloud.

  • API Standardization
  • Reusable Domains
  • Teams and Projects
  • On-Prem Installation

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