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API Business Models for the Modern API Economy 
Back in January, Forbes contributor Louis Columbus predicted that...
API Development
[Recorded Webinar] OpenAPI 3.0, And What It Means for the Future of Swagger
OpenAPI 3.0, which is based on the original Swagger 2.0 specification, is meant to...
API Development
Announcing Support for OAS 3.0 in Swagger Editor and Swagger UI
We are excited to announce the release of Swagger UI & Swagger...
[Webinar] OpenAPI 3.0, And What it Means for the Future of Swagger
The long awaited OpenAPI 3.0 specification has officially been...
Introducing the New SwaggerHub Apigee Integration
As organizations invest more in the API economy, there’s a...
API Development
Announcing the Official Release of OpenAPI 3.0
We are excited to announce that the next generation of the OpenAPI...
Introducing Projects: A Better Way to Organize Your APIs in SwaggerHub
SwaggerHub was created to change the way teams work together on...
API Development
How Bonotel Improved Collaboration and Accelerated API Delivery By Switching to SwaggerHub
In such a distributed infrastructure, there are a lot of APIs...
API Strategy
See What’s Coming Next for Swagger & OAS 3.0 at SmartBear Connect
SmartBear Connect is a user conference that brings together experts...
Collaborative API Design and Documentation with SwaggerHub [VIDEO]
SwaggerHub is an integrated API design and documentation platform...
API Development
Best Practices in API Documentation
APIs are only as good as their documentation. A great API can be...
API Documentation
API Documentation Beyond the Basic Swagger UI
Description formats like OpenAPI (Swagger), and open source...
API Documentation
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